Our ambition is to be the voice of the users in this journey of
building products and services.

Coming from the field of Human-Centered Interaction (HCI), we know that a promising product or service often has factors impeding the end user from using it to its fullest potential. These factors need to be understood by the people who are building and providing products and services.

End users are human beings. One needs a real sense of empathy to connect with them and find out how the product is being used.

We at Hureo pride ourselves in our capacity to gather experiences and connect with empathy. We also have a diverse understanding of technology and industry to turn these experiences into empirical insights that build stronger products.

A good product is something designed after carefully understanding and empathising with people’s needs, behaviours, and their environment.

Hureo team working on an opportunity mapping exercise
Hureo team working on an opportunity mapping exercise
Hureo helps global clients understand cultural context
Hureo helps global clients understand cultural context
Hureo team member moderates a panel at ADI Pune
Hureo team member moderates a panel at ADI Pune
Participants collaborating at Hureo’s workshop
Participants collaborating at Hureo’s workshop

Where do we come from ?

Human-Centered Interaction (HCI)

HCI aims to make technology accessible, easy to use, and efficient for users.

Cognitive Science

Cognitive science enables the team to study processes, human intelligence and behavior.

Advertising & Media

Advertising and media helps in understanding of a user’s emotions, needs, and wants to enable a brand to understand its audience.

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts teaches the value of empathy, critical thinking, and diversity that makes for skillful researchers.

Computer Science

A computer science background helps to understand the technology behind a product.


A strong culture of scientific methods, innovation, and research is a result of having a background in research in the core sciences.


Being educators makes it easy for us to design workshops, training programs as well as easily integrate new techniques into our work process.

Community Building

This very people-centric approach enables our team to quickly reach out and connect to new people and communities.

Our Team

Anjeli - Founder, UX Researcher

Anjeli is a passionate and experienced UX Research innovator and has worked with companies in North America and India including Google, Kodak and Symantec. She has been a user evangelist, supporting various companies from startups to enterprises focus on their users and make their companies user-centric.

Jahnavi Mirashi - UX Researcher

Jahnavi has a Masters degree from the University of Washington where she also worked as an independent researcher on ecommerce products like Amazon as well as smaller non-profits.Previously, she has had a long stint working in advertising and digital media. Currently, she also teaches at the Symbiosis Centre for Liberal Arts and experiments with creating pottery.

Arunima Ved - Associate UX Researcher

Arunima has a masters in Cognitive Science from IIIT Hyderabad. She was involved in multiple projects like serious games, Medical Image Perception and Optical Illusion in Necker Cube using Eye Tracker. She brings energy and freshness to the team, and is a big Marvel fan.

Chandrakant Redican - Writer

Chandrakant is a writer with a strong background in scientific research, content development, education and social media. He is also a popular spoken word poet and has performed his poetry all over the country.

Padmini - Communications Specialist

Padmini is a copywriter and communications specialist with over 7 years of focused experience in advertising and branding across media and across industries. She is a champion of big ideas and doing meaningful work. She is a big time soccer fan and black belt holder in martial arts.

Khushboo - Visual Designer

Khushboo is a graduate from the J.J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai and has more than 5 years of experience as a Graphic & UI Designer. She is a lovely singer and is interested in Urdu and Punjabi poetry. You will often find a collection of Faiz poetry in her notebook.


Hureo’s presence in Academia & the Industry


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