Contextual Interviews

There are products or ideas that require observing and interacting with users in their own environment or in the context of the product’s use. In these cases, studies need to be conducted in the field and our researchers hit the road.

While studying the users’ natural behavior with a product we use a variety of methods. These include visiting them at home, in their workplace and public spaces like hospitals and airports. We speak with and observe them through interviews, diary studies, focus groups and much more to better gauge the context of use. We conduct these studies remotely and well as in person.

Why conduct contextual interviews?

Contextual interviews can identify new opportunities and help set the strategic direction for products. This approach allows for formulation of strategies for an untapped market, understanding the local context, or assessing the size and value of a particular sector in the informal economy.

It helps in understanding:

  • What are the user’s needs, perceptions, and preferences?
  • What is the context of use of the product?
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