We enable businesses to create and improve their products and services by providing them with user insights. These insights help identify user needs, environment, challenges, and opportunities.

At Hureo, we enable companies to focus on their users while building products.  Every market has its own constraints – we help clients identify and overcome these barriers, creating products that people love and trust.

Our clients vary from passionate entrepreneurs to established enterprises. We conduct research studies across India (urban and rural areas), through mobile and pop-up labs, backed by a multilingual team.

Our teams work in the field to gather insights on nascent ideas, identify user needs, and validate concepts with real users. With this understanding, we make recommendations to improve the experience of your product. We collaborate with your team, conducting workshops on design thinking, and facilitating ideation on your products to make them user-centric.

Since inception, we have worked with several startups and established global organizations,  launching products and evolving their strategy year after year.


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We use specialised methodologies based on Human Centered Interaction (HCI) principles to answer tough questions.


Do you know your users?

Understanding the needs, behaviours, and environment in which users will be using the product

Are you building a user-centric product?

Ensuring that a product meets users’ needs, is intuitive, and desirable enough to generate a higher rate of adoption

Are you looking for a partner to conduct usability studies?

End-to-end usability studies by teams that understand local cultural nuances and give efficient, effective insights

Do you want to enable your team to be customer-focused?

Skills in design thinking through real-world examples while instilling an innovative culture
  • Akash Surea, CEO
    Hureo's team has all desired knowledge, experience and team to collaborate and inculcate Design Thinking and User Experience mindset with you and your teams for your success in hyper competitive ecosystem. Hureo's Design Thinking and User Experience Workshops are of immense help and powerful engine to drive such a customer experience centric culture in Built.io"
    Akash Surea, CEO
  • Madhav Krishna, CEO & Founder
    Anjeli and her team did an excellent job of helping us uncover how our English training product for Uber drivers helped our users, as well as the challenges they encountered while using it. They were also very agile and were able to adjust quickly to changing requirements. Last but he not the least, their study went quite deep into understanding the users - something that very few designers are able to do. I would recommend them highly.
    Madhav Krishna, CEO & Founder
  • Ashish Belagali
    When your user is in front of you, giving you real-time feedback, and you still end up designing a product they cannot use, it makes you appreciate the difficulty of getting the right product/market fit. Hureo’s user research workshop made me realise the importance of conducting user research right at the beginning, before launching my product.
    Ashish Belagali
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Naval Prakash
    I would like to thank you for helping me and my team with UX research inputs. The report was impressive and had an immediate impact on the team members. Some of the team members work from remote locations and it helped everyone get clarity over the customers needs. The entire team feels in-sync and confident to build a product of impact to customers.
    Naval Prakash
    ElevenHash Pvt Ltd
  • Katy Gleason
    It was an absolute pleasure working with Hureo. They know how to do UX research in India. India is a different culture with many idiosyncrasies to consider when planning and executing a project. The team at Hureo always gave us great advice navigating the landscape and helped us to turn around some powerful insights for our client. We worked together on a very difficult project that had to be shifted many times, Jahnavi, Arunima and Anjeli were patient and accommodating throughout... And they delivered a steller (very well designed) report. It was a pleasure working with their team. We hope we get to do much more work together in the future.
    Katy Gleason
    The Band Consultancy, USA


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